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  • How much does it cost to work with your Agency?
    Our agency fee depends on the scope and needs of your project. We are happy to provide a quote once we find out more information about your creative needs. Please contact us here for a quote.
  • How can I be sure I’ll like what you design?
    At the start of your branding project, we’ll discuss your goals and establish a creative brief. This will set parameters and guide the design process. Since you’re involved in setting those parameters, you can be confident your brand identity will be something you love.
  • Does working with international designer cost more?
    No, the fee depends on the scope and needs of your project and the expereice level of the designer. When we provide a quote, we will give you 2-3 tiers of creatives.
  • What is the best process for working with a designer?
    Although we have our own design process, there are some overriding ways that define a good process for working with a designer. Before approaching a designer, make sure you’ve done your research in terms of whether they are a good match for your project. The best results happen when you and the designer hit it off with great communication and wonderful artistic results. A continued beneficial working relationship with your designer on future projects is to be hoped for and what you will be working toward.
  • How long does it take to complete a branding project?
    Depending on the number of deliverables involved, it usually takes us anywhere from 3 weeks for a logo project to 3 months for a standard brand identity package with a few additional pieces of collateral.
  • We’re not in the same city. Can we still work together?
    Absolutely! 40% of our clients are not local, so we've adept at managing projects long distance. We’ll send proofs by email, we can talk on the phone, mail color swatches and samples, or any combination of those. No sweat.
  • How can I work with a creative and stay on budget?
    There are many ways to work with a creative. The more specific you can be when you fill out your request the more likely the final product will reflect your vision. Communicating clearly and minimizing revisions will hold down your expenses. Most of our creatives include one or two rounds of changes in their project price.
  • Is the artwork my property once paid for?
    No, not the actual artwork files unless agreed upon in the proposal. However, ALL approved web images and high resolution images purchased are 100% yours one the project is fully complete and paid for.
  • Do I get a vector file for my logo once created?
    YES, you get Ai (vector), jpeg, png, and a word file that works like clipart. Our logo design can be used to complete stationery and brand marketing – including business card, letterhead, envelopes, brochure design, websites, graphics for web sites, direct mail design, email marketing, mailing labels, presentation folders, and any other designs your business may require. We also provide vector files for packaging projects.
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